Dear Elder Woodall:

You are hereby called to server as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the ITALY MILAN MISSION. It is anticipated that you will serve for a period of 24 months.

You should report to the Missionary Training Center at Provo, Utah on Wednesday 18 April 2007. You will prepare to preach the gospel in the Italian language.



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i have met the sequel to Napoleon Dynamite and his name is Gideon Frisbee.

i have no idea if this kid is anything like napoleon or if he would even be a good subject for a movie, but i do know that his name is Gideon. Frisbee. seriously. thats awesome, right?

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HEY! for anyone who doesnt know yet, im making my triumphant homecoming january 4th. im staying for a week before heading back to idaho. call me. we can hang out. itll be awesome.

do you believe in fate?

so tuesday night is our weekly bowling night and this particular tuesday night i was met outside the bowling alley by justin, who had some good news.

"tina knows kindra!" he said. tina is our friend from church, who had class with justin that day. devotees will remember that kindra was the girl who got away at saturday's dance.
justin told me that he was still talking about the pain and regret that consumed him saturday night when tina told him, "kindra? i know that girl." YES! god has smiled upon us pour souls and given us another chance. at that moment, we were certain, kindra and her friends were our destiny.

as the night unfolded, i recorded my 3 best games ever: 148, 141, 138, respectively. it was particularly rewarding because my trademark has always been to knock down 9 on the first bowl and never pick up the spare. they call me Mr. 9. but in that first game i picked up 7 spares, including six straight. and on my third bowl of the 10th frame i didnt realize how close i was to the 150 mark, or i probably wouldve taken it more seriously.
and in the second game i came SO very close to my first ever turkey. (for those of you whose feet rarely don bowling shoes, a turkey is three strikes in a row) i got 9/, X, X, 9-. theres always that one pin that likes to piss me off. it hurts.
meanwhile, new guy hollan got 7 strikes in one game, including 5 in a row, racking up a 208. it was awesome.

yes, it was a great night all around and as we left that night i wondered how long this streak of good luck would last. well, not very long. because right at that moment we found out that tina didnt know our kindra, she knew a different kindra. i dont think i had ever met a girl with that name before in my life and now ive met two in just 4 days.
justin and i were sad. our momentary relief from our grief had faded and we were right back to where we were before the night had began, only with better averages. we decided the only way to cure our blues was with a couple of rooty tooty fresh and fruities. which was fortunate, because its our tradition to go to IHOP after bowling.

once in the restaurant, justin immediately went to the bathroom. i started to walk over to the table with the crew, but my eyes followed justin. i froze. wait a second. no. wait. right there. at the end of the table. is that? holy cow. it couldnt be. could it?
justin had just walked past a large table of kids. not unusual for IHOP at this hour. but at the very end was. was. Kindra? is that really her? you can never be sure with those poorly lit dance floors. i figured id just go sit down and wait for justin to come back so we could debate it. hold on. screw that idea.
i suddenly felt the need to use the restroom too. i followed justin's footsteps, the whole time staring at this possible kindra. i dunno. i think so. yes. yes, thats her. once in the restroom, justin was standing there like he was waiting for me. "is that her?!!!" he asked. "dude thats her," i replied.

ok. now what? we need a plan. i voiced the first idea that popped in my head. "you could striptease again." we laughed and considered it, but decided that should probably be plan B. after a while, we calmed down, collected our thoughts, and combed our hair. then we walked out of the men's rom, ready to face our destiny.
justin went first and started making his way back to our table. i followed closely behind but glanced over my shoulder. "hey justin, hold on," i said loudly as i put my hand on his shoulder. "is that who i think it is?" we both turned to her as she looked up at us. she flashed that cute smile as she immediately recognized us. "oh my goodness, it is her! can you believe it?" i totally sold it. i got an A in drama, remember?

she stood up and talked with us for a while. like us, she thought it was amazing that we would run into each other again. her other two friends, andrea and christine were not with her but we did talk about them. and when we did i acted like i didnt remember all their names because, well, im creepy enough as it is. we found out that those three guys at the dance were not their dates, but just three random guys they had met at the dance downstairs. dang. had we known that then, we wouldve just, i dunno, done something differently. maybe.
it was predetermined at the urinal that justin would ask for the number. so i politely waited and took the backseat in order to let justin play his game. however justin, was working a slow game. when she turned back to her table i mouthed "DO IT," to him. i couldnt wait much longer. we were losing her. so i was all set to go when justin finally said "so give us your number so we can hang out sometime." simple, yes. overused, definitely. but it got the job done. i think i wouldve done better though. i wont go into detail, but i was going to start with "do you believe in fate?" and end with her being charmed and intrigued and in love with me. it woulda been something to see.

the point is tho, we got the digits. and we will use them. and as soon as we figure out a 3rd guy, we will have a date with those 3 girls. and it will be the best date they have ever been on. ah, im feeling like i could bowl a 150 right about now.

the continuation of aaron's awkward adolescence

so saturday night i went to this dance and it was fun. but i got seriously burned. twice. here goes the story.

so we go to this church-sponsored dance at the student union. there was a live band and a lot of people and even tho i was the only there that didnt know it was a formal dance, i still had a lot of fun. so at point me and tamari leave the dance room because our friend michelle just showed up and she wanted us to meet her outside. and on the way i see these stairs and this light eminating at the top of them. theres a sign pointing up the stairs that says "lookout room." this sounds cool to me, so i grab tamari and we run up the stairs. and there we find our own private dance floor.
apparently every other saturday night they have "latenight at the lookout." and this was the first one, so no one knew about it. so its just me and tamari and a dj. and we ask the dj if its alright to be there and he says "of course, im here for you!" so we go and get michelle and then i go back to get all my homies still back at the other dance and we go have a party upstairs.
so we're slididng in our socks across the floor and attempting break dance moves, making requests(they didnt have ninja turtle rap-BLOWN), getting jiggy, and drinking all the free soda we want. it was great.

so michelle was quite interested in me when i first got to idaho. i asked her out on a date. it was nice. then, unfortunately, she got to know me. its always a shame when that happens. now shes colder than a titanic passenger on april 15th and interested in other cooler, albeit younger guys. but on one song i decide to put that aside and see if we can get along again. its just a dance afterall. so i ask her to dance with me. she goes along with it. im having fun. its just nice to dance. this is nice. maybe we could just be nice friends. then she says, "are we gonna have to do this for the whole song?"
i know that you cant really get a feel for how that quote sounded just by reading it so im going to change a few words so that you get a better idea of how it felt to hear it.
"am i going to be forced to touch you for much longer because, to be honest, just standing in close proximity of you is enough to make me wanna throw up and there is absolutely no way i can be expected to do it for a full 2 and half minutes"
yup. luckily for both of us, i laugh to hide the pain. and told her suuuuure, i dont mind. AT ALL. geeze louise, i aint trying to be in love wit you. all i wanted was a moment or two. to see if you could do that switcharoo. you said it will. you said it.

im a total pro, i shake it off and go back to being a dance machine. as the night wears on, some more people make the discovery of our little party. they were all more than welcome, especially the hot girls. specifically, 3 hot girls named kindra, andrea, and christine. they had originally caught our collective eyes downstairs at the church dance so we were very excited to see they had made their way up here. PROBLEM: they were with 3 guys. the num,ber just worked out to well. it reeked of a group date.
at point, justin got the hysterical idea to striptease for the girls. he had on a jacket and i lent him the tie tim lent me to make me feel more dressy. and then justin went over and something wonderful happened. justin takes off the tie and kindra takes it from him and puts it around her neck. all of our jaws drop and she totally gets into it. we were honestly expecting the girls to get weirded out and secretly hoping that one would slap justing. at the very least we had wanted to make their dates a little uncomfortable. but this girl kindra TOTALLY gets into it. and starts helping justing take off his coat. ok. we HAVE to talk to these girls.
you see, we have on-going mission to increase the amount of girls in our circle of friends. right now, the ratio is not in our favor. but after talking to them, we find that these girls are all smart, funny and fun-loving girls. plus, they are hot. this made them prime candidates. but, remember the problem? they do all have dates. and they are all VERY jealous at this point.
so that kind of ended it. we stayed in our respective groups but the whole night im going crazy trying to figure out how to get kindra, andrea, and christine to leave their group of guys to join ours. i asked for advice and apparently the only way to do that is to "be more attractive than the guys they are with." dangit. no other way huh? what made it worse was that every so often i would make eye contact with kindra across the room and she would hold it and smile ever so cute. AH! ive GOT to talk to this girl. justin said he got the same smile from her during the night as well. ok, shes interested in us. we need to talk to her again.
so im trying to figure out a way to get through their 3 bodyguards and dance with them when justin neverceasestoamazeme ward simply makes eye contact with kindra she is just magnetically drwan to him. they walk toward eachother and start dancing. oh, why didnt i think of that? seems so simple in retrospective.
so theyre dancing and while im bewildered as to why i couldnt do that, im happy because i know justin is getting her phone number and that we will see her and her friends again one day soon. but alas, justin dropped the biggest ball of all time and even though this girl was being extremely flirtatious with him, he didnt get her digits. blown face.
then the dj announced that this would be the final song of the evening. oh no. we are seriously running out of time. caleb and katie tell me i can do it. i can be like justin. just go and dance with her. ok. ok. it doesnt matter if i fail now, i just have to try. big gulp. i step up to the plate.
and to my utmost amazement, i have the power too! all i did was walk over to kindra, make eye contact and she danced over to me and before i knew it, we were dancing together. this is still an amazing concept to me.
so we're dancing and i am so PUMPED and theres absolutely no way im leaving without her number. i am the man. i am the man. then, about after only ten seconds of me patting myself on the back she says to me, "oh i really wish i could dance with you but i have to go dance with my friends now."
strikeout. i felt DUMB. i said something along the lines of "yeah thats cool, see you later, im gonna go hit myself with something, man i could not hate myself more."

so 0-2 on the night, i went out to eat with everybody at this place called Shari's. i had the shake n' wings. DELICIOUS combination. try it. now, dont get me wrong, it was a GREAT night. i had tons of fun. its just that the stories that end with my self-esteem getting stopmed into the ground are the only stories worth sharing.


well, the party was tight and heres some photographic evidence. hold on it to now, its Collapse )

thanks for coming everybody. i had fun. its was nice knowing all of you. see ya later.


the bad news: on july 26th i will leave Maryland, maybe forever

the good news: on july 15th i will be hosting a going away party. AND YOURE INVITED!

thats right, if youre reading this, that means youre invited.

now, this will be a PARENTALLY SUPERVISED party, so dont get any wild ideas in your head, kid. that being said, i still plan on having lots of fun. i hope you do to.

there will be food, fun, music, a trampoline, guitar hero as well as many N64 game for you old schoolers, good people, several board and card games to choose from, movies, a cute puppy, and me.

its this saturday, july 15th. it starts at 6pm and goes til whenever my parents kick everyone out (probably sometime after midnight)it will be at my house.

2602 Kennison Lane
Bowie, Md 20715

if nothing else, please feel welcome to just stop by and say goodbye because it would really help me if i could consolidate all my goodbyes into one night.